Mr. Alan Lewis and his wife Charlotte, split their time between Indianapolis, Chicago, and The British Virgin Islands. Alan is self-described as the busiest unemployed person one could know.


At the end of 2010 Alan completed a successful sale of his company, which manufactured expanded foamed plastics for the packaging and automotive industry, to a large private equity firm. Foamed plastics are designed to protect consumer goods during shipping as well as protecting occupants in everyday cars. As an offshoot of the foamed plastics business, Alan invented a seat for racing. Today, every car in the NTT IndyCar race series uses the seat he invented. Alan is particularly proud of this achievement. While it did not make him a lot of money, it has given him the satisfaction of knowing the drivers are safer now than they were over a decade ago. Sam Schmidt has gone on record saying if he would have had Alan’s seat when he had his big crash, he would not be in the chair today.


Alan has a passion for auto racing; as a hobby he competes as an amateur vintage racer. He is also involved in a variety of projects, hobbies, investments, charities, and various levels of mischief. In an effort to give back, Alan sponsored some of Sam’s Indy Lights drivers earlier this decade. Sponsorship came in the form of financial backing as well as mentoring the young men.


Alan has been involved in a business partnership designing and prototyping a high speed/long range electric bicycle. Though the project has gone on longer than expected, three patents have been awarded and there are five more pending approval. The goal is to sell the Intellectual Property rights to a qualified manufacturer.


Alan can be described as “high energy” and “creative”. These attributes have manifested into the procuring, designing, and restoring of vintage aluminum RV’s. The first project was a mobile lounge. It has been a highlight in the driver’s lot at the Indianapolis 500. This year at the Indy 500, he will be debuting his latest creation – a 1949 Spartan camper converted into a mobile office.


Alan has been married to his wife, Charlotte, for 26 years.  They met at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio while Alan was studying Finance and International Business.  They have two children.