Savannah Boehrer is the daughter of Sam Schmidt, the founder of CPN. Savannah grew up around her father’s IndyCar team, as well as the foundation as it grew from Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation to what it has become today. She was raised with a keen understanding of how important service is to living a full life and has had the wonderful opportunity to see the difference that DRIVEN and CPN have come to make not only in Las Vegas, but specifically in her father’s health and strength. With the help of the diligent trainers at DRIVEN, Sam was able to gain the strength he needed to stand in an exoskeleton and dance with Savannah at her wedding in April 2021.


A graduate of Pepperdine University, Savannah holds a BA in International Studies and Political Science, as well as a certificate from the Straus Institute Dispute Resolution. She has had a heart for global ministry and humanitarian work since she was young. After university, she was based in London, UK, working with a venture philanthropy that works on sustainable approaches to improving education, employing youth, and economic empowerment of women in vulnerable communities in Egypt, Lebanon, and refugee communities. In 2021, Savannah joined SRG, a US based organization, as a consultant for the Unreached People Groups Initiative in June 2021. SRG is a non-profit that funds and invests in indigenous ministries and organizations in the Middle East and North Africa.


Savannah and her husband, Adam, were married in 2021 and live in Dana Point, California, with their sweet puppy, Beck. They are still involved with Sam’s IndyCar team and travel to as many races throughout the season as possible.