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Meet the Team


Chad W. Towner, Chief Executive Officer


Chad W. Towner, a dynamic and esteemed leader in the healthcare sector, proudly serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Conquer Paralysis Now (CPN). A native of Brownsburg, Indiana, Chad combines his deep roots in the state with an expansive national network, marking his leadership with a unique blend of local understanding and wide-reaching influence.

Chad's journey in healthcare is punctuated by impressive milestones that showcase his commitment to excellence, adaptability, and transformative care. His comprehensive background in healthcare administration has been complemented by his early career in physical therapy. This multidisciplinary understanding places him in a unique position to oversee and champion the groundbreaking work at CPN. Under his leadership, the organization is poised for significant growth, with a focus on making DRIVEN NeuroRecovery Centers universally accessible and advancing the cause of conquering paralysis.

What makes Chad's leadership particularly compelling is his genuine passion for transformative care. As someone who has led various healthcare initiatives, developed innovative service lines, and orchestrated powerful collaborative partnerships, Chad’s vision for CPN aligns seamlessly with its mission. His dedication to fostering advancements in neurological disorder research and treatment will undoubtedly steer the organization towards unprecedented horizons.

The relocation of CPN’s headquarters from Las Vegas to Indianapolis and the creation of a second DRIVEN NeuroRecovery Center are just two pivotal projects under Chad's stewardship. His expertise and strategic vision are integral in ensuring CPN continues its legacy of being a beacon of hope and innovation in neuro rehabilitative care. As CPN embarks on this next chapter, Chad’s leadership will be pivotal in guiding its direction, solidifying its impact, and ensuring it remains at the forefront of spinal cord injury research and treatment.


In his own words, Chad has expressed deep honor in being a part of Conquer Paralysis Now. He resonates profoundly with its mission and is keenly focused on amplifying its impact. The passion, experience, and vision he brings ensure that under his guidance, CPN is not only set to achieve its current goals but also to set and conquer new ones in its quest to better the lives of countless individuals breaking free from the chains of paralysis.

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