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Educational and technical solutions to help children and adults with disabilities lead productive and fulfilled lives.

Art of Healing Massage Therapy
Owner is nationally certified to work with special needs people and has a client base that includes those with such health care issues as MS, CP, quadriplegia and more.

Best Friends Pet Care
Service dog training.

Beyond the Chair
Intensive exercise programs to enhance overall functional capacity.

Canine Partners for Life
Greater independence.

Determined to Heal 
Simplifying life with a spinal cord injury.

Freedom to Live
This foundation provides independence training and resources to help those with spinal cord injury and other similar catastrophic injuries to move out of institutional living environments (convalescent homes, hospitals, sub acute nursing, etc.) to live independently in their own place in the community (apartment, house, etc.). Oftentimes the family of the injured attempts to bear the burden of helping the catastrophically injured person make the transition and without the proper training and resources, more times than not, it tears the family apart. This foundation guides, trains, advises and provides resources which bridge the gap between a paralyzed person being completely cared for in a hospital or convalescent setting to assist the person to assume the responsibility of directing and managing their own care and thus being able to live an independent life.

Goodwill Fitness Center of Orange County
Fitness center to serve people in Orange County, Calif., living with physical disabilities.

The Injury Cooperative
A comprehensive resource to guide catastrophic injury survivors and their families through the complexities of life post-injury.
International Center for Spinal Cord Injury at Kennedy Kreiger Institute
The first facility in the world to focus on rehabilitation and restoration for children with paralysis.


The Kids Equipment Network
Providing durable medical equipment free of charge to children in need who have little or no medical/insurance funding.

Lakeshore Foundation, Homewood, Alabama
Promoting independence and providing opportunities to pursue active, healthy lifestyles.

Life After Spinal Cord Injury
A motivational program for youth with disabilities: rehabilitation programs, medical education seminars and other community events.

National Rehabilitation Information Center
Information for independence.

Pressing On
A specialized exercise-based training program for those living with paralysis and other physical disabilities in Texas.

Project Walk
Project Walk Paralysis Recovery Centers, the world leader in paralysis recovery, provides an improved quality of life for people with disabilities through intense active-based recovery programs, education, training, research and development. The Project Walk brand is exclusively managed and operated by SCI Business Solutions, Inc. and consists of a global network of franchised and licensed locations encompassing both for-profit and nonprofit businesses.

Rehabilitation Research Center 
Conducts research to better understand and improve outcomes after TBI and SCI.

Therapeutic Adventures, Inc.
Adaptive outdoor programs and specialty services for persons of all ages.

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